Nocino della Cristina
Nocino della Cristina

"Dopo un buon pranzo un nocino tutto apposto metterà."

"At the end of any meal, a glass of Nocino puts everything right."

Nocino (no-CHEE-no) is the traditional walnut liqueur made throughout Italy and Southern Switzerland. The base ingredients of nocino have changed very little through the centuries. They include unripe walnuts, alcohol (typically grape brandy or grappa), sugar and spices. It is the mix of spices, which varies widely from family to family, and village to village, that gives each nocino its unique character.

Nocino della Cristina is the loving result of generations of tinkering with the traditional nocino recipe. Our artisanal nocino is made of California brandy infused with Napa Valley walnuts and carefully selected spices from Africa, Asia and the Americas. Under the spell of our Master Rectifier, the result is a digestivo with a richness that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and spice. Careful balancing of cane sugar and alcohol content optimizes mouthfeel and yields a long, complex and dynamic finish.

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