Nocino della Cristina
Our Mission

In its essential form, Monteverdi Spirits is a husband and wife team working to perfect the art of cordial rectifying in the heart of the California wine country. Joining us is an eclectic (and sometimes motley) group of family and friends who support and inspire our endeavors.

Our single ambition is to create unique and exciting liqueurs that blend the enduring wisdom of the Old World with the creative energy and innovation of the New World.

We are dedicated to using only carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients sourced from producers in Africa, Asia and the Americas. We will never, not ever, use artificial colors, flavors or stabilizers. Few, if any, other liqueurs in the world can make this claim.

We invite you to share our products with those you love, and join us in toasting "Salute e Pace", to "Health and Peace".